Lean in Simulation™

3D simulation software - dedicated to the design and redesign of entire factories and facilities.

Simulation Tools That Makes Up Products FlexSim Family

Moffatt & Nichol developed FlexTerm™, a software package solution that provides 3D simulation for the analysis of terminals involved with the movement of freight. FlexTerm has enabled to strengthen capabilities in planning, analyzing, and optimizing terminal layout, as well as the simulation and emulation of nearly every other type of marine and freight movement facility.


This is the world’s most powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use simulation software designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare facilities.


Dedicated to the design and redesign of intralogistics, using LEAN principles. This means that the actions taken in LogABS modeling are essentially lean actions. Lean tools built into LogABS: PFEP, VA, Yamazumi, KanBan, MilkRun.


Mining Simulation Software HAULSIM connects the fleet assets, mining operational plans and the people to build a ‘digital twin’ of any mining operation – open pit or underground – to deliver an accurate representation of any mine sites haulage operations. 


FlexSim GP – Simulation Operating System

„LogABS fits the vision we had when we started FlexSim – we hoped the FlexSim engine would be used by independent organizations to create niche simulation products and modules for applications and industries that we could not properly service or did not know. Our expectation was (and still is) that an industry-specific simulator should be better for the end user because it was made specifically for them. Our thinking followed that this approach would naturally expand the simulation market by making simulation available to more people who may not have used it otherwise, which would be filled by FlexSim partners.”

Roger Hullinger, CEO, FlexSim Software Products, Inc. Aug. 30, 2019
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