Lean Manufacturing, Lean Production – production process management concept that has developed based on the principles and tools of the Toyota Production System.
LogABS has Lean principles built into its genotype. This means that the actions taken in LogABS modeling are essentially lean actions.

PFEP – Plan For Every Part – is a database integrator about the production process and factory. Modeling begins with the definition of PFEP – a database that supports the correct and controlled implementation of the material distribution system inside the factory.

VA – Value Added Analysis – Value Added Analysis at every step of modeling and experimenting. Mapping, tracking and analysis of the value added stream is automatically available – built into the modeling and experimentation process.

Yamazumi diagrams – Load balancing charts – visualization of the division of labor, facilitating and accelerating the determination of scenarios for the division of operations between operators in relation to defined operation lines of the line.

KanBan – signal informing about stock levels being exceeded. An integral part of the Just-In-Time management method (exactly on time) used to reduce work in progress and inventory levels. LogAbs has a container KanBan mechanism (the level of stocks of parts in the container) and a KanBan stand (the level of stocks of containers with parts in the location at the stand).

MilkRun – Lean method to reduce inventory and at the same time increase liquidity in delivering semi-finished products to the production line. LogABS built-in method: databases of tractors and logistic wagons, automatic generation of logistic trains, automatic generation of routes servicing the processes that make up MilkRun, analysis of MilkRun activities based on the VA (Value Added Analysis) technique.